The skin maskuerade Haul

this was the first time i visited a exhibition as a blogger and it felt sooo goood, like seriously but that stuff is for another blog post 😛 so lets talk about the exhibition,the exhibition was greatly managed with quite a variety of products, the owner ( Mrs Faiza and her husband) were super kind and helpful…they didn’t pressurise me to buy something that i didn’t wanted or needed to unlike the sales women at D.Watson 😛 ugh so irritating.The exhibition was at Chaaye khana and a person was hired to direct us to the room in which the exhibition was held and the over all experience was fun..

these are the products that i bought from the exhibition,i’ve heard a lot about these products but i will see if they are holy grail after using them a month or so  18261000_998492803618403_595652489_o.jpg

1= laneige water sleeping mask

2=Natures republic Aleo Vera hand cream 18289771_998492936951723_572906825_o.jpg

3=Black sugar scrub by skin food


That is it for my haul,i hope and promise to review them sincerely after using them for three weeks…hope to see you soon and bye for now 🙂

My spring Favourites

Spring is here with floral patterns and flowers blooming everywhere well it is in Islamabad and i just love the weather its not too hot and not too cold either…ahhhh :P. BTW i’m addicted to this song known as it aint me ( which is too off topic sorry) this the the list of products i recommend everyone to use this spring..

Cap over scarf:

So this trend was very popular among the the western Muslims and then i saw a lot of Muslims wearing this on Pinterest and the saw OHAREEBA wearing it and if she can pull off that look so can you..


Cream blush by Maybelline:

I love cream blushes cause they look so natural and they stick to your skin like foundations and this is the best thing about cream type can also re apply them without the help of brushes.

 Lip and Cheek tint by The Body Shop:

This lip tint is used by Mawra Hocane and she said it herself that she uses this to get a natural innocent look in her dramas.i personally really like this cause its not a lipstick nor a gloss its just a lip tint 😛 its number is 40 BTW.

Dettol hand sanitizer:

The reason i listed this in my spring favourites is that i am addicted to sanitizers like those weirdos that cannot stand dust but its not that severe .. i use this when ever i touch something i do not want to touch and i love that it doesn’t smell too chemical and you can also eat your meal after using this,,THANK YOU. 18209836_997405657060451_1575178104_o.jpg

Fruity patterned scarfs:

Okay since i am a hijabi i need to buy scarfs all the time and i sincerely love this fresh and fruity patterned can buy them at either Zeen or Cougar.

watermelon patterned scarf

Rose face mist by Marhaba:

Okay i know that face mists by high end brands are really great but since i ran out of my vitamin C face mist by body shop i found a cheaper alternative and its absolutely has a rosy smell and i spray this all the time over make up if my make up got too cakey or just to feel fresh beneath without make up18195574_997405483727135_1535381219_o

Oil absorbing paper:

If you have oily skin then you know the struggle of that oiliness over makeup and you don’t know how to get that off without destroying your make up…Then look no further these oil absorbing paper are EVERYTHING..they absorb the oil without ruining your foundation at all,you can also find the from cool & cool brand.

 Shimmery eye liner:

i love shimmery eyeliners cuz you can apply this on the inner corner of eye or on the water line of your eyes to get that Korean look.. i bought this one when i was staying in Hong Kong but i am sure you can find this any where in the beauty section.



BHA power liquid by cosrx Review

Brand history:

Cosrx is Korean brand with limited variety of products that are related to acne and other skin problems. Cosrx is a brand praised by many beauty blogger and the products do what they claim to do unlike most products.cosrx-logo

Product description:

BHA power is liquid is clinically proven to reduce the formation of blackheads and excess sebum is reduced and hydrate the skin.18176207_996943883773295_1657092284_o.jpg



So this specific product contains 4% BHA as short meaning BETA HYDROXY ACID. Sounds scary?? Well it isn’t scary at all. Basically this product is a chemical exfoliate but it does not contain any kind of granules instead they penetrate deep into the skin removing dead cells and removing excess sebum and oil. Manual scrub is very much different than chemical exfoliate cuz manual exfoliate removes the upper layer of skin while BHA is oil soluble meaning it dissolves through our skin natural oil and removes excess oil ,dead cells and cleans clogged pores.It also has anti-bacterial properties which are absolutely amazing cause anything that is going deep onto our skin has to have anti-bacterial properties otherwise it would cause more problem. This contain Betaine salicylate which is best form of BHA cause this works on skin long after the product has been removed or evaporated.It contains other ingredients like willow bark which is anti-inflammatory and also  acts as an exfoliate, it also contains vitamin B5 which has amazing moisturising properties.18209738_996943870439963_1664731892_o.jpg

DO NOT USE: this product if you are allergic to any of these ingredients in the list..

When and how to use: After cleansing (and after vitamin C serum if you use one), apply to face in a thin layer using hands or a cotton pad. For best results, wait 20-30 minutes before applying any other products to allow the acid to take effect without being prematurely neutralised. If your going outside make sure to apply sunscreen afterwards.

Product + scent:

It has a chemical like smell but a very slight smell meaning not a strong one and the liquid is transparent which is oily at first but then dries in minutes giving a smooth canvas for amazing makeup application. The bottle is very convenient and has an easy pump which gives you the right amount of product and let me tell you, this product goes a loooooooooong way.

before the product consistency
after the product is absorbed


So the amount of BHA is perfect with the involvement of other chemicals cause it leaves my skin completely moisturised and not dry at all. I have comedonal acne which is a type of clogged pores kind of acne basically the worst type of acne and I am not saying that it treated my severe clogged pores cause they are getting treated with some serious shit but this product cleared all the blackheads on my nose..yessss all of it and I couldn’t believe it cause it was nearly impossible to clear my blackheads I had to get that shit out one by one and now they were all gone with pores literally shrink-ed to a tiny size (pss not even noticeable). Even if I have blackheads on my nose and chin then they are easily extracted without much pressure. This product is a must have for all skin types especially oily skin typed. Whether you’re suffering from acne, blackheads or enlarged pores, this a game changer product that will definitely help.

Product rating : 5/5

Glowing mask and cleanser (kishmish products)

Glowing mask and cleanser:


Product description:

They are 100% natural, preservatives or any kind chemicals are not added, they are organically processed.this cleanser is anti bacterial and acts as an anti oxidant, its helps in rejuvenating the skin giving a healthy glow.


wild barley,flax seed,citrus extract,apricot kernel,lavender extract,sweet almonds,Turmeric,Coconut powder.  

Important ingredients:

Wild barley has healing properties, be it a serious case of sunburn, barley is rich in zinc that speeds up healing does magic on skin tone and improves dull skin giving a brighter look.i always use this as a mask now and then for brightening.Barley contains selenium, which preserves the skin elasticity and protects it from free radical damage.

Flax seed  is rich in Omega 3 which is best known for its anti inflammatory properties.Omega-3 fatty acids are known for increasing the speed at which skin wounds heal disease like dermatitis and psoriasis may be lessened. the fatty acids increase moisture giving a healthy and smooth appearance.

Turmeric  is effective in treating acne and dry skin due to its antiseptic also helps in healing scars and inflammation and also reduces oil secretion giving a smooth appearance.18175715_996393293828354_1532697925_o.jpg

Product + scent:

It has a very Desi like smell meaning, it smells like barley or something i’m not sure cause it got lots of ingredients in has a powdery consistency which can be easily made with water or yogurt or rose water. you can apply it gently rubbing circular motions.

powdery form
after adding water

My experience:

i like this cleanser because it is travel friendly and really cheap in comparison with other cleanser. but again if you want something that is natural and healthy to your skin and also skin friendly then this is your product cause it got amazing ingredients all in a bottle and the bottle is quite big and cute to carry can also make this into a mask and apply it yogurt to have that extra glow. i have to say it made my skin a lot brightened and even toned as made my skin super soft and healthy and if that is the purpose of the cleanser then i must say it has done it’s duties….

you can buy it here

here is a picture of a cute kitten for absolute no reason 😛


Kishmish product(Strawberry mask) review

Product history

This specific brand of products I’ve been using for two years especially there masks cuz who can make there own strawberry or papaya mask all seasons..i was really happy to receive these products because the internet was blown with there advertisements and duh Syra shehroz tried them i HAD to.. these products are all natural,No preservatives,No chemicals and it needs to be refrigerated


Strawberry mask 

Product description 

It is an excellent cleanser, it improves complexion, it acts as a skin toner, Treatment of acne , s18119906_995515123916171_283022592_okin repair, Diminishes Under-eye puffiness

Important ingredients 

strawberries are rich in Vitamin C, it is excellent to fight oily skin. it nourishes and also revitalises your skin, its acidic nature is effective in removing excessive sebum on skin.

Folic acid helps in cell regeneration and also production of new cells

It has Anti aging properties, contains anti-oxidant ellagic acid which prevents collagen destruction.This prevents wrinkles as a result

It has Skin lightening properties which are effective in lightening blemishes and acne scars, It contains skin lightening extracts.8531278_f520.jpg

Product + scent 

It has no scent, it is in white colour and contains strawberry granules which might fall as your applying but if you carefully apply it it wont fall as you apply.I really like the packaging, its very convenient and easy to use.

My experience ?

i have a very good experience with this mask cause its only 999 RS and it leaves my skin absolutely moisturised and did dried out my acne faster and it gave my skin an instant glowing effect and it felt sooooo cool after applying and washing..this is one of the best products to use during hot seasons because that cool feeling is price less..

Buy it at here….

Melano cc anti spot essence (mentholam melano cc) review

17919015_1552391298129110_754245423_nOne of the main concerns of skin is uneven skin tone or sun damaged skin that basically causes dark spots or uneven skin tones.this is Japanese brand product and it is made manly for uneven skin tone and let me tell you i tested this for about a month and half so my review is based on that time.


1: Ascorbyl palmitate 

It is a fat or oil form of vitamin C

Reduces environmental damage

It is less oxidising

It is a very good anti-oxidant

Most stable form of vitamin C

2: Alpinia katsumadai seed extract 

Extracted from ginger

Used as a brightening agent

3: Ascorbic acid 

Most effective form of vitamin C

Antioxidant properties due to vitamin C

Creates younger looking, firmer feeling skin


It is filled in silver packaging with a very specifically built dropper applicator to target specific places but if you want to apply it to your whole face it might be a little annoying since the opening of the applicator is small

Scent + Product 

It has thin consistency but it is oily at first but after 2 or 3 minutes it fades has a very citrus scent which i absolutely love BTW. Even though it dries out but not like that its oiliness does disappear but still keeps the moisture.

What i think of it ?

what i like about this product that a little goes a long way.If you only apply it to specific areas then the tube lasts about 4 months but if you apply it to you whole face daily it lasts about 3 months, it does helps a lot in reducing sun burns or dark spots as a result of hormonal changes. i wish i would’ve taken a before after photo but i didn’t really thin the change would be that reduced sunburn on my forehead and is actually not even noticeable which i am surprised because i did try using potatoes and any other homemade remedy,,, i think it should be continuously used to have the difference you really want, it can cure your scars caused due to now and then acne so it is VERY important to use it consistently.. and consistency is the key to success the motto i apply to everything except studying 😛


The art of waiting 

There I sat,seething,breathing the smell of rain and sand filling the cracks of my heart.

I threw my mobile in the Atlantic Ocean, so that I could restrict myself from going after it. But not-so-surprisingly, bought a new one, opened my account while sitting on a bench besides the Atlantic coast. I got no connection I ran towards an Internet cafe , the magical place that connects you and me through all the unfortunate events and all I need to do is press send. I waited,starring at the screen’s light piercing my eyes even at night. You finally read my message, now I have to wait even more desperately that’s because now it’s your choice whether you want to approach me or not, having “no message is also a message”. I opened my end of a tunnel will you ? This is the art of waiting you don’t know how long it’s going to take….